TrumpCare Fails!

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Big news: Obamacare is not replaced by Trumpcare. Do you really want one quarter of the economy and your ability to purchase lifesaving and life improving interventions managed by, designed by, and named after a politician who never delivered any health care or ran an insurance company? Washington had no computer policy yet IBM, Microsoft, and
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Capitalism is not an ism at All

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To me, capitalism is simply the absence of force in human economic relations. If you wanted people to be able to deal with each other freely by voluntary agreement, you would get private property and capitalism. It is not an “ism” at all. Alright. I have to fend off some common attacks. Capitalism requires private
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The End of Work

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Conventional economic wisdom is that the world suffers from a lack of [aggregate] demand. In plain words, people and businesses are not willing to purchase as much stuff as can be produced. There are many suspected causes. Past debt may be causing people to not take on new debt. Stuff purchased with borrowed money is
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