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Govt Regulation Benefits the Large, Established, Powerful and Rich

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I used to own Altria, the tobacco company that makes Marlboro cigarettes. Since 1978 Altria is up 12,000% while the S&P 500 is up 2,000%.  It also pays a 3.4% dividend.  I figured it was selling a legal addictive substance and therefore should make a lot of money. I lost my nerve when I kept
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The End of Work

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Conventional economic wisdom is that the world suffers from a lack of [aggregate] demand. In plain words, people and businesses are not willing to purchase as much stuff as can be produced. There are many suspected causes. Past debt may be causing people to not take on new debt. Stuff purchased with borrowed money is
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You are Kidding Me

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Twitter just told me #Igotverizon is trending.

Why College Costs so Much

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The US Government (USG) has decided that it is its job to help everyone purchase health care, houses, and higher education. It is not a coincidence that health care, houses and higher education costs are climbing out of control. I’d like to go beyond generic “USG involvement” to examine some of the mechanisms causing higher
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Government is also Unaccountable

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Not only do governmental organizations favor the rich and connected over the middle class and the insignificant, but they are also unaccountable. In Flint, MI apparently the entire city was poisoned by lead in the water supply. City officials were allegedly aware of the situation for a considerable period of time while their citizens were
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To the Left, Western Civilization is Irredeemably Evil

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If you want to unseat the elite who have power now and replace them with you,  you need a reason why you are preferable to them. One could pledge to reform and improve sclerotic institutions, but where is the percentage in that? Running fair institutions that give no favor to you and your supporters is
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Uber is Revealing

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Uber is revealing how government is generally a supporter of entrenched interests.  Upstarts and competitors are always hated by existing businesses. Under real capitalism there is little an existing business can do other than produce a better good or service at a lower price.  When the government has unlimited powers to regulate business however the
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Uber reveals this about regulation

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Government almost always forwards the interests of established business over the upstart business and the customer. Ostensibly, regulation of taxi services is for the safety of the public and to insure minimum levels of service.  In actuality it is to prevent competition in service, price and innovation, all to the benefit of entrenched taxi service
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