The United States Federal Government is not Broke.

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I used to be upset about the amount of money the United States Government (USG) is borrowing, and promising to pay in the future. National Debt is about $20 Trillion. Add unfunded liabilities, like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the total may be $126 trillion. Since the entire output of our nation, all business,
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Things that Annoy

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Certain canards just get me going.  When I read any of these my blood pressure spikes and I see red, and I seem to be reading a variation of one or another of these all the time. Capitalism requires low wage workers. This is generally expressed in the context of “why the establishment favors unlimited
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Everyone says The Civil War decided once and for all that the individual States could do nothing against an overreaching Federal Government. Whatever the Feds want, I’m good with it, says the States. Does anyone think that in today’s emotional environment the Federal government is going to wage domestic war? As a culture, we can’t
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The Trade Deficit is a Non-Issue

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Look, if you have the world’s reserve currency, other countries will need to accumulate your currency. Every country needs dollars in their bank account (could be treasury securities or anything else priced and convertible to dollars). You can’t conduct trade in dollars when your checking account has zero dollars. So, to get dollars they sell
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Determinism is  au courant. It’s stylish. It’s fashionable. It’s up to date. Why so much interest today in an obscure and ancient philosophical question? Of course the negation of free will is vaguely part of Marxism. The collapse of capitalism is predetermined no matter what the participants want. It’s “You didn’t build that.” It’s “the
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Businesses Do Not Exist to Provide Jobs

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If you listen to any politician, the reason we have businesses is to provide good, stable, well paying jobs for the voters. Absolute nonsense. A business exists for one reason and one reason alone. It exists to add value to the world. A business takes value out of the world. It uses real estate, spending
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