Why Were Women Kept Out of the Workforce?

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Is should be obvious now that when women enter a mixed sex workforce as equals, men trade occupational favors for sex and women trade sex for occupational favors. I suspect it was never men keeping all the good stuff, like commuting, danger of injuries, cubicles, office politics, etc for themselves. It was probably a common
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Men are Pigs

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This is the narrative growing out of the Hollywood Producer/Starlet stories: Men are pigs and use their workplace power to make innocent women put out to get anywhere. That is true, many men use power to get sex. No one would deny that attractive women sometimes also use sex and sex appeal to get ahead
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Alt-Right is Asian and Jew Supremacist

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Contrary to official distortion, the Alt-Right ≠ White Supremacist.  As a matter of fact, from my research it appears the Alt-Right = Asian and Jewish Supremacy. The salient feature of Alt-Right belief appears to be that IQ tests measure something real, and that something has a high correlation with success in most fields, probably even in
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