Why Were Women Kept Out of the Workforce?

Is should be obvious now that when women enter a mixed sex workforce as equals, men trade occupational favors for sex and women trade sex for occupational favors.

I suspect it was never men keeping all the good stuff, like commuting, danger of injuries, cubicles, office politics, etc for themselves. It was probably a common sense realization that every hot youngish thing would destroy the reason of powerful men. It would take a strong woman to refrain from turning to her most valuable interpersonal asset. It would take a strong man to refrain from favoring attractive women and keep business relationships strictly business before a comely face.

Perhaps women kept women out of the workforce. They realized having a husband they worked hard to get working next to a younger version of themselves was a bad idea. Add in that many of said husbands have the power to forward the career of an attractive young woman and you have straying men.

If men and women are motivated by sex and power, how would anyone expect to enforce a sexless and powerless workplace? Anyway both women and men want sex in the workplace.

I think it is significant that no high profile woman is accusing her production assistant, gofer, office boy, or driver of sexual impropriety. Obviously what the women are saying is that a man who could forward my career took liberties with me.  Men who cannot forward my career don’t do that or I can shut them down easily.