How Long Before the CEO of EXXON/MOBIL Resigns

I am not going to bother to look up the names of the players or to quote exactly. The roles of the people and the gist of their comments suffice.

For awhile the CEO of the Toyota Motor Company essentially said he was not so sure that the internal combustion engine could be replaced in the near term future. Electric cars might not meet people’s needs in a satisfactory way for a long time. To me he seemed a voice of sanity and moderation.

A day or two ago I read in the Wall street Journal that the CEO of Toyota was resigning calling for “younger” leadership. The company should be lead by someone who knew more about the car as transportation device with smart screens and electrical propulsion.

Today Exxon/Mobil earned record profits. The CEO said he believes we will need hydrocarbon energy for a long time; at least until a different energy source is developed that is as cost efficient or more cost efficient as oil. Nothing we have now meets that test. He even said that other oil companies investing less in hydrocarbon production and more in renewalable production helped Exxon take advantage of opportunities to expand and make more money.

How long before the CEO of Exxon resigns for a more enlightened individual?