The left in its own theory refers to the racial issues as a subset of class issues, and treats them as it treated class warfare: a means of arguing that the powers above are unjust, and therefore must relinquish more control.

from amerika

This makes many things clear to me.  The Left is so critical of America, when obviously America is pretty near the best the world has to offer in everything, because they want to dispose the elite in America and replace it with themselves.

Why would Obama denigrate America when he rules it? He dosn’t really rule it, yet.  There are many power centers.  Wall Street is dominated by different people.  Academia and media are on board, but the military, some religious groups, some local governments, some private businesses in more competitive fields, small businessmen, parts of the Internet, the traditional family, the federal reserve, some federal courts, some local courts, and countless others wield significant power.

I studied world history, philosophy, religion and art. One thing absolutely clear to we students was there were three amazing civilizations in about five thousand  years of known human history:  Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, and the United Kingdom.  I have no doubt that if in some time in the distant future similar students study world history the same three cultures will be lauded but with the addition of the United States.  Against all odds, where the norm is and has always been one man lording over another, America cut out a small area of self determination for any person. As a reward it became the richest, most powerful and most attractive country in the world.