Things that Annoy

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Certain canards just get me going.  When I read any of these my blood pressure spikes and I see red, and I seem to be reading a variation of one or another of these all the time. Capitalism requires low wage workers. This is generally expressed in the context of “why the establishment favors unlimited
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Govt Regulation Benefits the Large, Established, Powerful and Rich

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I used to own Altria, the tobacco company that makes Marlboro cigarettes. Since 1978 Altria is up 12,000% while the S&P 500 is up 2,000%.  It also pays a 3.4% dividend.  I figured it was selling a legal addictive substance and therefore should make a lot of money. I lost my nerve when I kept
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TrumpCare Fails!

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Big news: Obamacare is not replaced by Trumpcare. Do you really want one quarter of the economy and your ability to purchase lifesaving and life improving interventions managed by, designed by, and named after a politician who never delivered any health care or ran an insurance company? Washington had no computer policy yet IBM, Microsoft, and
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What ails America is obvious. You will never hear it from the media, academia or the US government. We have the Japan disease. Japan had a huge  asset bubble, probably caused by its central bank but definitely caused by its government. Rents per square foot in Tokyo prime districts exceeded rents anywhere on earth. Homes
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How Do We Spend for the Tax Increase?

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The new administration is talking about reducing business income taxes from the highest in the developed world to one of the lowest. Everywhere on the TV and in newspapers I see people (the establishment) asking how will we “pay for” the proposed tax reductions. Will it be a new value added tax? a border adjustment
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The Men Will Retire to the Library for Brandy and Cigars.

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Am I mistaken or was it not the norm in upper class households during the Victorian and post-Victorian era for the men and women to go to different rooms for after dinner conversation? The men’s conversations would be courser; the women’s more genteel. No cad of a man would subject women to the uncensored content
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Democratic Strategy

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Suppose your party’s candidate is going to lose the election in a landslide. What follows? A resounding mandate for the other side. Lots of effective policy from the office of the widely supported President. Why just sit and take it? One way to be a spoiler is to delegitimize the other candidate. I believe the
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