Noted With Pleasure

Every so often I come across a turn of phrase on the Internet which I really enjoy. So I thought I would post about some of them.

First we have Patrick J. Buchanan:


In the 19th century, power meant control of the means of production; today, power lies in control of the means of communication.

Along the same line, Mencius Moldbug:

All decent, reasonable men are horrified by the idea that the government might control the press.

None of them seem concerned at all that the press might control the government.

Of course the present state of affairs where the megaphone controls the people with guns and handcuffs is strange. Probably it is due to some old institutions functioning well enough to preserve democracy combined with other institutions decaying enough to bring on unlimited government power. With so much power at stake it seems almost capricious to have the vote determine who wields it.  Almost like having a dice roll determine who will be absolute dictator.

This state of affairs cannot continue long. The power is too great an attraction.  There are now no limits on the federal government.

The media, or press, presently have a large amount of power, but very shortly I expect “rougher elements” will have more say, and the press will become an instrument of propaganda for whomever runs the government.